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Pavel Bogachev and Sergey Suharev from Russia, two highly qualified electrical engineers just started their work at Norelco LLC (Savonlinna, Finland) in March 2019.

Sergey Suharev and Pavel Bogachev (left) and Olli Malinen, Norelco HR Director (right) at Norelco LLC after signing job contracts.

Pavel and Sergey applied for work and residence permit in Finland using services of HResources and successfully completed application process.

After successful interview at Norelco, Pavel and Sergey had a short effective training and were allowed to work.

The whole process of getting work and residence permit, interview at the plant and training were accomplished in effective and timely manner.

HResources has also helped Pavel and Sergey finding a proper accommodation in the center of Savonlinna, opening bank accounts and getting registered with local authorities providing identification and social support.

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