Efficient and faster screening of candidates is essential to accelerate recruitments.

Where it is appropriate we are asking candidate to provide a short video showing him/her as a person and qualification level. It is enough to use a regular smartphone camera. We check the video to see if candidate fits required position. If we are happy with the video we send it over to Employer.

Below is the couple of videos of successful candidate Ivan Kudzhiev from Russia, TIG welding stainless steel and aluminum. He was selected by Employer from other skilled  welders.

This candidate is now with us in the process of receiving work and living permit to join the Employer team in Finland.

Successful candidates then forwarded to the Employer for initial Skype/WhatsUp interview or invited to Employer's location for other assessments of competencies and behaviours.

This technique of initial screening allows to save a lot of Employer's time and resources. It is proved to be very efficient when combined with the right sourcing.


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