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We are a team of highly experienced employment-based migration consultants for Finland. We provide services which are way too wider services than a regular recruiting agency including but not limited to personnel screening in the country of origin (Russia or other states), training both in Russia and Finland, accommodation in Finland, migrant's family support, nursery or school for children, jobs for family members.


We can help you hire workers from Russia ans some EU countries.
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Instead of approaching you with plenty of good CVs from our database we provide tailor made sourcing of migrant staff ready for recruiting according to your needs.

We’re happy to offer our advice and assistance in the following situations.


We offer free candidate screening/interviewing.

Not all submitted CVs are accurate, some have time gaps papered over and reason for leaving a previous work place often obscured. We separate so called white lies from the deceitful untruths, thus helping you avoid the lengthy, expensive and embarrassing consequences of a bad staff hire.

Personnel is company's most important and significant capital. It defines company’s reputation, productivity, efficiency, compliance with pertinent regulations.

To help our customers make the right decisions and hire best possible personnel, we provide:

Executive Profiling: Comprehensive and constructive reporting on a person’s qualified status, career track record and reputation.

Background Checks: Brief but still informative and reliable checks that are conducted by trained personnel, rather than an automated service using according Russian databases with limited access.

Specialist Screening:  Examine the integrity of candidates being considered for roles in specialist industries. We have recently adopted the practice of requesting applicant's videos showing level of skills and personality which vastly save employer's time for taking the right decision.

Motivation Checks: We are checking on person's motive to migrate to Finland, examining its strength and long term vitality.
Though Finland is not far away from Russia and Employee can always visit his/her family back in Russia we eager to identify possible motivation of family members to join the employee in Finland.

We assist and represent our clients through the often-complex work visa and residence permit application process.

По меньшей мере две серьезные организации вовлечены в этот процесс - Служба трудоустройства (TE Palvelut) и финская Миграционная Служба (Maahanmuuttovirasto), принимающие независимые решения по выдаче разрешительных документов.

HResources находится в тесном контакте с этими организациями, отслеживая процесс прохождения заявления и помогая как работодателю, так и кандидату.

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Finding staff, especially skilled workers and professionals in a large populated area such as Russia can be quite difficult because of huge screening work volume. Vague knowledge of the recruiting market, distant recruiting and cooperation with Russian recruiting agencies make this task even more tough.


Finding employees is hard, and getting harder all the time.

To find great employees we follow our sourcing and recruiting strategy:

  • Asking employees in the Employer's industry who the best people were that they worked with and also look at companies were best employees previously worked at. Then we use the advanced search function on LinkedIn to find candidates with similar backgrounds and reach out to them via InMail.
  • Creating Job postings. Talking to other professionals in sourcing and recruiting we locate 2 to 3 industrial niches where our potential employees work. Then we go directly to companies where these people work. Getting CVs is the hardest part of it which we how to accomplish. Exporting candidates into tools like MailChimp and sending an email highlighting job opportunities and anything else we think potential candidates will be interested in will do the trick.
  • Using Facebook, VKontakte ads to reach passive candidates and promote it to relevant candidates. Once the contact is established we use Viber/WhatsUp to always be online and discuss job opportunities.
    Passive candidates are those not actively looking for a new job position but if they see job post in their Facebook feed it is possible they will want to apply and we will get them before any of our competitors see them.
  • Posting open positions to multiple job boards to make sure jobs reach a lot of potential applicants. Meanwhile testing different locations for job postings. Job boards in web cover the whole Russia but it is sometimes wise to post openings locally using local job boards or targeted magazines or newspapers.
  • Visiting technical venues, exhibitions helps a lot meeting people from sourcing and recruiting, asking for advice and referrals, looking for potential employees.

Knowing where to find employees isn't hard. Knowing how to find a good employee is another thing. Casting a wide net, posting jobs on popular boards like Indeed helps a lot.


  • We collect employees' professional and personal details and perform internal screening.
  • We arrange phone/Viber/WhatsUp preliminary interview.
  • We will probably ask Employee for a video showing candidate's at work if job position requires certain skills to be accepted by Employer.
    Read and watch more here.
  • After our own assessment of video provided by candidate (we sometimes use industry experts) we send it to Employer in Finland for evaluation.
  • If Employer is happy with Employee skills shown in the video we arrange face-to-face interview arranging trip to Employer's location. We only disclose the name of Employer to the Employee if Employer feels satisfied with skills shown in the video.

Employers/Recruitment in Finland

We’d recommend that you speak to Olli Osterlund in the first instance.

Employees/Personnel Search/IT Projects in Russia

We’d recommend that you speak to Gennadii Spirin in the first instance.

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Otherwise send us email at rc@hresources.eu.