Employees’ Families

For many, the family is the biggest motivation for going to work every day.

We are making the wellbeing of employees’ families a high priority.

We pride ourselves on our client support and provide a comprehensive adaptation and support program for migrants.

We are aimed at facilitating the adaptation of migrant workers and professionals (migrants), organizing preparatory courses, where necessary, to inform migrants of the general conditions and the methods of work prevailing in Finland.


On the top of salary offered by Employer, health benefits, workplace health and wellness programs, retirement plans, free meals, paternity and maternity leave we are also taking care of a suitable accommodation for employees and their families at affordable prices, job places for family members.

Our 'Employee Assistance Program' for employees and family members is helping with job search in the same area of Employer location.

Migration should be facilitated by such measures as may be appropriate--

  • to ensure that migrants for employment are provided in case of necessity with adequate accommodation, food and clothing on arrival in the country of immigration;
  • to ensure, where necessary, vocational training so as to enable the migrants for employment to acquire the qualifications required in the country of immigration;
  • to provide access to schools for migrants and members of their families.


Childcare assistance can take various forms. Some large employers have their own childcare facilities on-site. We are taking care of providing a nursery for small children and schools for older ones.

(based on information provided by Municipality of Savonlinna)

In Savonlinna early learning services are offered by municipal nurseries, childminders and group family daycare. Early years services are also provided by private providers.


You can apply for a childcare place all year round. Your application should be submitted in advance, not later than four months before the childcare place is required. If, however, the need for childcare is due to starting employment or study and the date on which you need childcare to start could not be predicted in advance, you should apply for a place as soon as possible, however, not later than two weeks before your child needs a place.


The cost of childcare run by the municipality is determined on a percentage basis depending on the size of the family and family income. The maximum payable is 283 euros a month per child and if the payment falls to less than 26 euros per child, it is not charged.

Childcare fees are determined based on the situation at the date of payment on the basis of either actual or estimated income. If an applicant for a place fails to provide information on income, the municipality can charge the maximum fee.


As an alternative to municipally-run childcare, a family may choose to receive home care allowance if the family includes a child under the age of 3. The right to home care allowance is then extended to all the family's other children under school age.
Thus once the period for which parental allowance is payable has ended, parents may choose one of the following:

  • childcare run by the municipality
  • to receive home care allowance and look after their child at home themselves
  • to receive private day care allowance and organize a private childcare place

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