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If you are an Employer in Finland, no matter how small or big you are, and you are looking to employ migrant workers, we will search skilled workers or professionals according to your needs. We are mainly sourcing staff from Russia but from some EU countries too.

Our deep knowledge of the human resources market in Russia, local connections in recruitment business and in industrial segments allow us to provide the best bespoke solution for you and source the right staff.


HResources’s consultations service is designed to assist your business with advice in all matters regarding employment of immigrant workers in Finland. We specialise in providing advice for subjects in the fields of immigration jobs in Finland and supply skilled workers and professionals mainly from Russia but also from EU.

At this moment we are only providing foreign workers for Employers in Finland.

Contact us to make an enquiry or apply for Free Consulting.

We will provide you with a focused, results driven consultancy service that is also fast and convenient.

Consultations allow us to fully understand the recruitment issue/s that your business is facing and collect any additional information that is required. Following the consultation we will compile and deliver our written advice via email within 24 hours.


Our services include but not limited to:

  • taking detailed instructions from you to determine our next steps;
  • providing you with tailored advice on the various migrant workers recruitment options open to you;
  • searching suitable candidates and introducing them to you;
  • collating the required documentation required to support Employee's application;
  • professionally completing all the required application forms on behalf of your company;
  • producing a Letter of Representation (Letter of Intent) to accompany Employee's application. This encapsulates information about jobs in demand and its merits as well as references to relevant Finnish immigration laws in support of  Employee's application;
  • acting on behalf of your company to represent you in the whole process of migrant worker application, assisting potential migrant worker to prepare and supply all pertinent documents (including translation into Finnish or English when required);
  • ensuring all recruitment processes are followed providing relevant support and assistance to facilitate approval procedures at Public employment and business services (TE palvelut) and Public Immigration Services (Migri).


Many people prefer to meet in person when discussing important or sensitive information and we are happy to accommodate you concerns. In situations where an online meeting is either not practical or undesirable for other reasons, we are available to provide face to face consultations at a mutually agreed location.


We can assist your business with the preparation and filing of all requisite paperwork when Employee is applying for work and residence permit as a migrant worker. After an initial consultation in order to determine your requirements, we will provide a list of all the required paperwork needed to address the matter at hand. We will also help to prepare these documents and make sure that there are no errors or incorrect data provided when filing the documents. We will act on behalf of your company then through the whole application process providing monitoring checks and helping it to proceed.


The information contained within this article is not a complete or final.

While 'HResources' has sought to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date, it is not responsible and will not be held liable for any inaccuracies and their consequences, including any loss arising from relying on this information.

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