Application Process

There are several ways to apply for work visa and residence permit in Finland but we recommend using website as most effective and time consuming. Forms can be completed and all pertinent documents uploaded on the website both from the side of applicant and Employer.

We assist and represent our clients through the often-complex work visa application process making it as smooth as possible.

At least two public organizations are involved in application process/processing documents which are Employment Services (TE Palvelut) and Finnish Immigration Services (Maahanmuuttovirasto).

We work closely with these organizations and manage to monitor application process assisting both applicant and Employer.

We've designed an application process to support both Employers and Employees in migrant recruitment process.

The Employer plays an important role in our success by helping us to fully understand job position details and business environment and source staff in a timely and efficient manner.

The focus is to proactively source through headhunting, networking, social media/LinkedIn/Facebook/VKontakte, referrals, graduate recruitment programs and direct approach in the according environment. This end to end recruitment includes sourcing, ad writing and placing, assessing candidates, cultivating relationships with local companies, phone screening, ref checking, scheduling interviews and raising brand awareness by participating in networking events.

We are aware that there are providers selling guidance and assistance on how to complete application process to get jobs in Finland. We have no relationship with and do not endorse any of those providers.

HResources offers access to hints and tips on recruitment process, opportunities for Employers and Employees. We encourage applicants to use our services.


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