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HResources is a small team of highly experienced employment-based migration consultants for Finland offering more than just recruitment services.

We started providing HResources services after deep analysis of Finnish recruitment market in 2018 but already gained a positive reputation and showed impressive results.

We provide wide range of services helping the migrant recruitment process to complete. We assist and represent our clients through the often-complex work visa application process.

At least two organizations involved in application process which are Public employment and business services (TE Palvelut) and Finnish Immigration Services (Maahanmuuttovirasto) both providing work visa and residence permit decisions.

We work closely with these organizations and manage to monitor application process assisting both applicant and Employer.

Our company is led by two professionals and partners, Olli Osterlund (Savonlinna, Finland) and Gennadii Spirin, (St.Petersburg, Russia). Both are pioneering entrepreneurs, successful businessmen and business consultants with vast experience in start-ups. Other team members both in Finland and Russia are facilitating recruiting process and routine procedures.

This unique combination of two professionals makes migrant worker recruitment process very effective increasing transparency, allowing to find best possible solutions and making the whole process very smooth and seamless for both employer and employee. In other words we save a lot time and money for both employer and employee in pros and cons in migrant worker recruitment process.

You may also want to call it a turn-key migrant worker recruitment solution including migrant worker supporting that perfectly fit the needs of a busy company in Finland which does not have enough skilled workers or professionals.


The mediation and resolution of HR issues can be an extremely stressful time for both employees and employers, particularly for smaller companies or startups.

HResources takes the time to clarify your needs and desires and to provide you with a tailor made recruiting program delivered in a structured timely and personal manner which has proven to deliver massive value for our clients.

Instead of approaching you with plenty of good CVs from our database we provide tailor made sourcing of migrant staff.

Where it is appropriate we are asking candidates to provide video showing their skills and personality. See here examples of such video showing welding process. This way Employer can much more easier to assess qualification level and save a lot of time.

From time to time, when it is necessary to recruit a person to fill a high level vacancy we make routine sourcing activities an independent project that requires special attention.


  1. Open and honest communication.
  2. Be determined, driven, disciplined and focused (much like our namesake the panther).
  3. Stay passionate and positive.

Our goal as a business is to help you succeed in business and in life, whether that means helping you to run your business, reduce stress, make a career change or improve your work-life balance.


We've designed work and residence permit application process to support both Employers and Employees in migrant recruitment process.
View here a flow chart diagram of the application process designed and supported by "HResources".

We are supported by governmental institutions in Finland and we are using wide range of recruitment tools and resources in Russia.

Using technology like WhatsUp, Skype, Viber, Facebook and VKontakte to communicate with clients allows us to provide top quality services with speed and convenience.

Knowing mentality of Finnish and Russian people we can find the perfect match delivering motivated skilled workers and professionals willing to settle in Finland alone or with their families.


  • Are you thinking of accepting migrant workers at your company after you have searched the Finnish labor market in vain? Do you want to maintain focus on running your business and not dealing with migrant recruitment issues?

If you have found yourself thinking about these questions but finding no satisfactory answers, it’s time to bring in professionals you can trust.

To learn more about our services and find out How We Can Help You, just get in touch or have a look at our list of available services for employers.


Thinking about a career change and trying yourself in EU? Are you a skilled worker or professional with long-term experience?

Why not to start in Finland?

Contact Us, upload your CV and we will see what we can do for you.

If you’d like to speak to us in person or have a question, please give us a call on

Tel: +358 44 065 4976 (Finland)
Tel: +358 46 579 1038 (Finland)
Tel: +7 952 221 3787 (Russia)

or send us a message using the Contact Us page.


Olli Österlund

Olli Österlund

Executive Director
Economist, 30 years as an Entrepreneur
Gennadii Spirin

Gennadii Spirin

Area Director
Business consultant, Entrepreneur. IT Projects